d’you think the avengers ever play a game where they try to push steve’s buttons and get him all riled up and patriotic?

tony casually throws it into a conversation like “oh yeah I don’t vote” and steve trails off mid-sentence and gapes for a second before he starts in on…





Saw my all time favourite dress. Great opportunity to shoot some close-ups!

oh….my god…..dakota…I’m so glad you tagged this for me

- blumenkranz starts playing in the distance -




(Please ignore the dork in the mirror) I printed all sweet drawings and compliments and stuff I received lately and putted them on my door~ ♥

I’m sorry if I forgot anything, tell me if I did ! I tried going back through my tags but I always forget to tag propery :(

(also size or place means nothing, I wanted to print everything in A5 before I realised it wouldn’t fit and would look weird maybe fdgjkhf)


*hugs back with all my strength* thank you! Things haven’t been going well lately so I’ve been feeling sad, but I’ll do just that. Thanks, like really, this made my day much better :’)


I after I got one message about my “smooth” shading method with using default settings only, I decided to make another tutorial thingy. So I paintined something quick with the round brush. The last tutorial was done 2 years ago; generally I treat my videos as a tutorials because you can see the process and all tool settings at one time, you can pause the video and see the parts which you are interested the most. I use GIMP 2.6.7 with GPS downloaded, Wacom Bamboo Fun tablet. And mouse.

This is a painting tutorial, not a drawing tutorial. It doesn’t show the one and only way to create art. It only shows one way I like to use often. And even if I often use the default round brush and settings, that doesn’t mean I don’t use other brushes or settings. Whenever I need to, I use texture brushes and layer adjustments. Also, please keep in mind that I’m not native English speaker: there may be errors.

What isn’t shown here is that I do a lot of flips and I paint details on zoomed in picture. Those who watch my YouTube videos may notice that I tend to flip my paintings left, right, paint upside down etc.

In the first picture I translated names for some more important tools/settings, so you shouldn’t be confused. I hope the translation is accurate. I may upload this thing on my DeviantArt.

If you have questions, please refer to my FAQ please.

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The magical Tufted Coquette! This beautiful hummingbird can be found sipping nectar in South America.

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shoutout to all my followers who don’t hate me yet


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